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Mystery and memory. [Jun. 19th, 2006|09:58 pm]
Have you ever noted/remembered an individual solely by the way they look and the time and place you see them? But do not ever recognize them elsewhere if you were to see them on the streets?

I just visited my dentist Dr. Siew over in Ravenna. He has been my dentist for about over 10 years. He has a small clinic that accommodates an abundant amount of clients and is also a internship site for Dentistry students of colleges, mainly UW.

He has short hair, wears a button-up shirt and slacks, and wears round glasses that seem to magnify his eye size by 1.25 percent on the exterior.

Finally, he wears a surgical mask. All the time.

And seriously, that is all I know of him as far as appearence. For these past 10 years or so.

Normally, you would see doctors/dentists take off their masks after a period of time. Quite honestly, I have never seen his entire face.

I have always wondered what he would look like and thought about asking him just recently, but I will be leaving it to the way it is now, since it seems to be fitting for the amount of years I've known him as a dentist with the mask. I'd probably be shocked if it was ever revealed.

-paK +3