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Eek... [Mar. 30th, 2006|03:53 pm]
I failed Math 120. I was fine with a 3.2 three-quarters of the way in to winter quarter, but somehow my final took a dive and put me at a 1.5 .

Prerequisite grading was recently mandatory, which mean I will repeat 120, and 110 since I never did pass that. 120 however, was a great class and I learned more than my 110 class. I was flawed in my confidence of the material unfortunately.

Wasted 2 quarters of my time. Pathetic me.

I'm still not sure if I should have taken the quarter off. It seems to get worse and worse as my time at SCC matures. On one thought, it feels that I can finish things where I don't have to worry about them when in next quarter. But another thought says that I may be pressed to not ever resume school at all.

Am I not who I think I should be?

Now I can't get my receipt from Snap-On so I can have proof for my tax return. Here comes the feds.

There was an emissions testing training program at work and they noted that the federal government is cracking down on non-OEM modifications to OBDII vehicles. With federal marshals having a "dead or alive" warrant for the violators. Wonderful. I think I should invest in some exotic kevlar along with my project. Here comes the feds.

Maybe the best thing for me to do is just forget about it, go to HK, finish my swap and then deal with the rest of the world later.


-paK -33

[User Picture]From: bananip
2006-03-31 05:51 am (UTC)
Your second to last line, I agree with that greatly. I hope Hong Kong provides the relief from this world that you need.
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